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”Make it thy business to know thyself,
which is the most difficult lesson in the
                      ~Miguel de Cervantes





Rev. Dr Tarasa B. LovickSacred Chamber Facilitator
Rev. Dr. Tarasa B. Lovick

In 2014, after being initiated in this process in India, I created the Sacred Chambers or safe place for you to pray and build your bond with your Divine. You may have have forgotten or buried your divine deep in your
self, and feel the longing for spiritual sustenance deep inside your self and this may be why you are drawn to participate in this sacred spiritual process.


The Sacred Chambers is an powerful phenomenon in the latest outflow of consciousness and grace from Oneness University. It is where you can experience your personal divine in a more physical and tangible way for the purpose of healing at all levels; transformation, awakening, enlightenment and miracles. If you are a Christian, then Jesus or the Virgin Mary may be connecting with you. If Buddhist, then Buddha or Maitreya. Like that, your form of the Divine will connect with you to provide healing, spiritual growth, and fulfillment of desires.

You will be making an appointment to come to my home, where you will enter the first sacred "chamber" where I will give an overview and lead you into a contemplative process: for example, you will have the opportunity to look at relationships that need healing. Then, I will guide you to look into how you can deepen your bond with whatever you want to call your "Higher Self" (Spirit, God, Christ, Divine, etc).

After the initial contemplations, each person will individually enter the second sacred chamber. In this sacred chamber you will express your deepest desires. You can ask for physical healing, awakening, or anything at all; you can ask for more than one thing too. You will listen, receive, and perhaps, if you are ready, you may get healing, guidance, insights or miracles. Miracles happen where people’s hearts are open and they are less limited by the mind. All of this is guided by God. There is an abundance of grace, so you can't mess up or do it wrong.

When: Please note that this is by APPOINTMENT only, you must register and receive acknowledgment that there is an open space for you. You are expected to be prompt, which means to arrive between 10 and 20 minutes early to get settled and be ready to begin when the process starts. If you are late you will not be allowed in and your name will go at the end of the waiting list.

Sacred ChambersThe Sacred Chambers are typically Saturdays from 12:00 PM to approximately to 4 PM. People will come as a group, and all will stay until everyone is finished. You are required to stay for the entire process. You want to make sure you don’t have to leave to put money in the meter, etc…

If you have a group of at least four people, I will work to try and meet your special needs for a different time which must be set up in advance. It is also possible that if you have many people, I may travel to you providing you can offer a sacred space for this spiritual process. Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss your special community needs.

Cost: The Sacred Chamber is a free process offered as service to the Divine.

What to bring, how to dress: Please bring your bottle of water, paper, pen, blanket, yoga mat, slippers (no shoes allowed inside). Dress comfortable and in layers, it is cold here. You will be laying on the floor to rest.

It is better not to eat during the process as it can create a distraction. If you need something due to medical reasons, please bring something simple, quiet, and discreet as to not disturb others.

If you wish to bring flowers and/or sweets for your Divine, you may. This is for your benefit and is not required.

What NOT to bring: Your phone, watch, other electronic devices. A favorite American attitude of “I already know this and have done this work?…summarized often by “Whatever!” Please leave them in your car or at home.

Location: Philadelphia, PA.

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